The first computer in the world

 the computer

The computer occupied the whole world when it was invented and began to spread and enter most areas of life; Because it provided job opportunities or even areas of development and progress that a person had never thought of before his invention of the computer, the computer became the main pillar in all industrial, commercial, medical, technological, security and military fields, and it became impossible to abandon it under any circumstances. The computer is a machine that has been programmed to receive information by various input devices in order to process and store it and to show the results or outputs through the output devices, and the core of the data that the computer deals with is digital data; So that the computer can understand them and follow their commands and execute them; Where the word computer (in English: Computer) was used in the year 1613 AD, and it was used to denote the person who performs calculations, and this concept remained in place until the end of the nineteenth century when the European Industrial Revolution began, which caused the manufacture of many machines, which was the main goal One of them is to perform simple and complex arithmetic operations. [1] [2]

The computer consists of two main parts: the physical part and the software part; Each part depends on the other to function completely and normally. The physical part consists of all the parts that can be touched in the computer, such as: the mouse, the board, the motherboard, the hard disk, the keyboard, the headphones, the screen, the CD player, the random access memory, the reading memory, the cache, the central processing unit, Scanner, printer, and other component parts of a computer; While the programmatic part is the operating system in addition to the various programs and applications used on the computer, the programmatic part is a part that cannot be touched. [3]

The first computer in the world

There is no definitive and adequate answer to the question of when was the first computer in the world built; Because there are many different computer classifications, the first mechanical computer, for example, was manufactured in 1822 AD by Charles Babbage, but it is not similar to the computer we are dealing with in the current era at all. Where the goal of its manufacture was to carry out a number of mathematical and mathematical operations, and in 1837 AD Charles also built a general mechanical computer based on analytical logic, but he did not complete it due to lack of financial resources, so that his son in 1910 AD completed the construction of this mechanical computer until he was able to complete Basic arithmetic and logical operations. [2]

The first programmed computer was created between 1936 and 1938 by German Quanrad Zuse, and it was called the Z1, and it was the first electromechanical computer that was manufactured in the world. But the famous British scientist Alan Turing laid in 1936 the cornerstone of the principle of computers when he invented the Turing machine that simulates a natural person after a series of logical instructions; That is, he programmed a machine to simulate a human under certain conditions known as programmatic commands, which are the main basis for all computers in the current era, and in 1946 the British Tommy Flores created the Colossus computer, which was the first electrical computer programmed to decode German encrypted messages during the war. Second World. [2]


Based on the above; It is difficult to judge the very first computer that was made. Because of the different types of it that appeared consecutively and in succession; That is, some types of computers depended on other types in order to see the light, so it cannot be imagined, for example, that laptops appeared without relying on the different types of computers that preceded them. But it is worth noting that the Turing machine, the Z1, and Charles Babbage's computer are among the most important points that caused the emergence of the computer and the start of its timeline. [2]

Computer types

There were many types of computers due to the multiplicity of fields and uses

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