The importance of communication in our daily life


One of the most important features of human society is the need for others, so that no one can live in isolation from others or away from them and from communicating with them, and efforts have always been focused on searching for ways that facilitate communication between people, and what is meant by communication is to create channels of communication between groups and individuals in the manner that It guarantees speed and determines the destination concerned with communication, so the use of homing pigeons appeared in previous societies to deliver written messages between people and between countries, but in this age in which we live this issue has become easier and faster than before thanks to the emergence of modern wired and wireless communication systems.

In the twentieth century and the twenty-first century in which we are now, the means of wired communication spread through fixed telephone networks, and these networks were and still provide fixed communication services through their presence in companies, homes, and public and private institutions. Cellular networks provide communication service via mobile phones that are distinguished by speed of communication, ease of movement, flexibility of the system, the breadth of spatial coverage, as well as the abundance of service features provided by the networks of cellular service providers.

The importance of communication in our daily life

Providing an environment for communication and achieving the primary goal of enabling people and groups to communicate with each other so that much time and effort is saved.

Enhancing social relationships through easy and facilitated communication with relatives and friends because of the ease of making voice or video calls with people who are far away from you, such as their presence in other countries around the world.

Providing international information services as is the case with the Internet, where you can obtain the information you want at the lowest cost, less time and lowest cost, and the Internet is a scientific breakthrough that the communication network is famous for, as it made the world a small village by facilitating communication and communication between People as well as facilitate access to information.

Reading the news that occurs around the world through electronic means of communication such as websites via the Internet or through satellite communication networks via satellite TV channels, as it is easy to watch the news that reaches you directly across the world through the world of communications.

E-learning or distance learning is one of the results of communication, as you can enter e-learning sites and through special applications for that.

Sending letters via e-mail, as well as commercial correspondence, is one of the most important communications related to daily life.

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