Tips for love

 Tips for love

Here are some love advice we have included from the mouths of many

Do not regret the love you lived ... even if it becomes a memory that hurts you

If the flowers have dried up, their aroma is lost, and there is no remaining of them

Change the thorns, so do not forget that they gave you a beautiful perfume that pleased you ...

Never break all bridges with your loved one

Perhaps the fate of you will one day meet another day

He returns what was past and arrives uninterrupted ... If the beautiful age is gone

Who knows, maybe a more beautiful age awaited you

And if you ever decide to leave a loved one, do not leave him a wound

Whoever gives us a heart is never worthy of us to plant an arrow in it

Or we leave him a moment of pain

How beautiful it is that the moments of the beautiful time remain between us

And if the days separate between you, do not remember who you loved

Every feeling is sincere

And do not talk about it except for everything that is wonderful and noble

He gave you a heart ... and you gave him Omar and not

There is more precious than the heart

And age in human life

And if you sat alone one day, trying to gather around you

Shades of beautiful days you have lived with your loved one, leave away

All the feelings of pain and loneliness that separated the two of you

Try to collect in your notebooks of papers all the beautiful words that you have heard from those you love

And all the sincere words that you said to the one you love

And make in your days a group of beautiful pictures

For this person who once inhabited your heart ... his features

And the sparkle of his sad eyes ... and his smile in a moment of clarity

His desolation was in a moment of distress ... and the hope that grew between you one day

And he grew up even if he had withered and died

If they ask you one day about a person you loved, do not say a secret that was between you

And never try to distort the beautiful image of this human being

What you loved, make your heart a secret hideout of all his secrets and stories

Love is morality before it is feelings

And if predestination is desired and the reunion meets one day, it does not begin with reproach and satire

And sadness and try to remember the last moment of love between you

In order to connect the past to the present and do not search for things that have gone past

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