Tips for loved ones are qualities that every husband wishes to have in a woman

 Usually men meet on some of the characteristics that prefer her presence in women, and they consider her presence and meeting with women as a way to give her the title of idealism, and a reason for choosing her as a partner for life if she meets and is available in it. We mention here some of these characteristics that a man loves in his wife.

Attributes a husband wishes to have in his wife

A man likes his wife to be smart and understand him with a sign; The man by nature prefers to talk about his feelings or some facts, and about his life matters indirectly when he asks about things that pertain to him such as: friends, work, or his bank balance, for example, and the husband prefers his wife to be understanding of his nature. Most men do not prefer to express their feelings in words, as they express what they want in actions more. The husband is more practical in his feelings than the wife, so we often see that the husband does not occupy his mind with his wife’s birthday, or with things that may bring pleasure to herself despite his knowledge of them for the simple reason that he loves her in his own way, and thus he expresses her in the practical way that he loves and prefers, and is waiting Including an understanding of the reality of his feelings and the way in which he prefers to express these feelings.

The husband prefers the wife who leaves a time for him alone with himself, for example sometimes we see the husband angry as a result of a situation, and he wants to sit alone to rearrange his thoughts, so he prefers to stay alone until he is able to think calmly, but we find the wife’s reaction is the urgency to sit with him And sharing his thinking, considering that a kind of help, but the man does not prefer this attitude towards the wife sometimes; Where he needs calm for a while to rearrange his thoughts, and then he will come and talk to her with a clear mind to explain to her the problem and the solution that he found suitable.

The man loves the wife who tries to overlook the problems, and to forget the negative feelings resulting from any problem; The man by nature quickly overcomes bad events, while the wife remembers all the details of the problems that occurred between her and the husband, even if that was from the beginning of the marriage.

The husband feels affection and security for the wife, who has qualities similar to his mother's qualities of kindness, containment, tolerance and forgiveness. Rather, he desires a wife who finds excuses, whose strength lies in her weakness.

The man does not love the wife who does not show her appreciation, love and respect for him, whether in front of parents or children or between them, which explains for us the husband’s escape from marital life by work or practicing sports, or preoccupation with computer games if he feels the wife’s dissatisfaction and appreciation for him.

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