Tips for loved ones How do I choose my wife

 Trust and honesty

The wife should be honest and trust her partner. She does not monitor his phone or computer, nor control the time he spends with the people he loves, and the man can make sure that this is the right wife when she does not isolate him from his family and friends, and does not control his life, but rather shares with him, and gives him his own space and time. [1]

Respect for parents

The appropriate wife must respect the husband's parents, and not complain about spending time with them, when meeting them, and on special occasions that concern the husband in particular, and this does not mean that it is necessary to have fun with them, but to show respect and appreciation to them. [2]

providing support

The wife should help her partner in developing himself for the better, and not underestimate him and his capabilities, encourage him to do so, and help him to change positively in all aspects of life. [2]

Subscribe to the same future vision

It is not necessary for the two partners to follow the same way of life, but their paths must converge together in some matters, so that they can reach an understanding together. For example, if one of the partners prefers to travel around the world, and the other partner is afraid of boarding the plane, then the problem lies in compatibility. [2]

Take responsibility

When a person chooses his future wife, with whom he wants to spend his life, he must take into account that she is seriously responsible in life, and must assume responsibility for her duties to her husband, and towards future children. [3]

She accepts her life partner

A person should be keen to choose a wife who loves him for himself, accepts and loves him as he is, and does not ask him to change. The life partner must be chosen wisely, that she truly loves him, and that he is assured that she will not change after marriage. [3]

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