Tips for loved ones How do I express my love for my husband


Honesty and sincerity between the two partners are important, so that the partner occupies the first place in life by giving him support when he needs it, and he is the person who depends on him in all his circumstances, and that he is not the last one to know about the achievements and problems of the other partner. [1]

Share his dialogue

The husband shares feelings of love and emotions, and is not ashamed of the dialogue, and works on mutual sharing between the spouses by talking about their own experiences, and sharing the details that occurred during the day, to show the close interdependence between them, in addition to praising and praising the husband for his achievements and talents. [2]

Think about ways to make him happy

Start with small matters that make a big difference, as the husband or wife prefers that the other show interest by thinking about ways to make them happy and relieve them, for example you can suggest a picnic after dinner, or camp in the garden of the house, or go to the gym together, or Talk about ideas for romantic trips. [2]

Show interest

Doing things that show interest in the husband, when he is facing a busy week at work, or he is going through a difficult day, he should do some things that show the extent of the partner’s love for his partner and interest in him, such as if the husband is busy at work in the morning, a pie with a cup of coffee can be brought to him Or bring his favorite book from the library, or prepare lunch for him and send it to work, and help him with his daily work. [3]

Get close to his family

Being close to the husband's family is an indicator if the wife wants to show the extent of her love for her husband, even if the wife is not in agreement with the husband's family, as she should avoid bad conversation with them, and be careful to contact them and invite them to dinner, or send flowers on their important occasions And birthdays. [3]


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