Tips for loved ones How do I present the gift to my husband

 Choose the right place and time

When presenting the gift to her husband, the wife must be careful to choose the appropriate and preferred place for the husband, and she must also choose the appropriate time. Where it is preferable to give gifts on ordinary days instead of waiting to present them on special occasions only, in order to surprise the husband and avoid him expecting that gift and surprise, [1] The wife may also surprise her husband and rejoice in her practicing one of his hobbies that she does not like before presenting the gift to him. (2)

Put the gift in unexpected places

The wife can increase the element of surprise with the gift by placing it in an unexpected place. For example: She could put the gift on his clothes or, for example, write on a piece of paper about the location of the gift, and he would be surprised by the way his wife used to present the gift more than the gift itself. [2]

The husband separated with housework

A wife can present the gift to her husband by distracting him from housework. For example, she asks him to bring milk from the store, and upon his return from the store he is surprised that his wife holds two tickets to attend the cinema and watch a movie or a game that she has always been excited and eager to watch. [2]

Decorate the bedroom

The wife can decorate the bedroom in advance with colored balloons, and then set her alarm at twelve o'clock and play the music for that occasion and enter her husband with cake and surprise him. [3]

Attach a message with the gift

The wife must be keen to attach her gift to a letter or card, on which she writes in a beautiful and elegant handwriting some phrases and words that express the strength of her relationship with her husband, or she can write other phrases in which he mentions some of the beautiful memories that they gathered together, and it is preferable here to read the letter or the attached card before opening the gift To increase the element of suspense and excitement. [4]


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