Tips for loved ones How is my husband closer to me

 Add fun to life

Laughing at oneself in funny situations brings a man closer to the woman, and his love for her increases more and more every day, just as troubled times calm down, so it is advisable to look at the bright side of everything, and help the husband to do his own affairs, invite him to an unexpected date, or surprise him with a touch. Latifa, share his beautiful times, and laugh with him. [1]

Understanding with a husband

Listening and knowing the methods of communication in order to achieve understanding between the spouses, and this is done by talking without shouting, or despair, bypassing faults, lack of scrutiny, avoiding distortion of words, and mutual frankness between the two parties, because misunderstanding causes a number of problems and negative issues between the two parties [1]

Do sports together

Studies indicate that couples who exercise together are healthier than others, and are more satisfied with their marriage compared to others. Psychology today cites many studies that indicate that exercise increases love between spouses. [2]

He caught the attention of the husband

It is possible to achieve a sensual connection between spouses by wearing beautiful brands of perfumes, or lipstick. Geoffrey Bernstein, author of "Why Can't You Read My Mind?" Says that a husband feels nostalgic and longing for his wife when he encounters the scent of a perfume similar to the smell of her perfume, as Bernstein says that intense sensual memories trigger positive bodily reactions and generate instant nostalgia for the wife. [3]

Trying new things

It is possible to try new things with the husband, such as spending the weekend in a hotel, or camping under the stars, where anthropologist Helen Fisher says that trying new things with a man releases dopamine in the body, which increases the love and affection between them. [3]

Acceptance of physical change

The human body changes according to the age in which it is, so a woman must accept the physical changes that occur to her husband's body, and avoid mentioning defects, such as baldness, obesity, and the appearance of the rumen. [2]


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