Tips for loved ones How to be fun

 Feeling grateful

Showing the individual's gratitude and appreciation for everything that happens in his life helps him train his brain to feel optimistic and fun, and most studies indicate that optimistic people are happier and more creative than others, and this positivity that they possess helps them to reach solutions to the problems they fall into more quickly, in addition to that. The individual must try to thank and express his gratitude to everyone around him, so that this simple habit is considered one of the best ways to enhance the general level of joy in the individual. [1]

Enjoy the simpler things

The individual's involvement in simple activities is one of the things that enhance the work of the five senses, as the individual prepares activities that he can enjoy at the same moment, such as: enjoying the smell of an elegant perfume, or a beautiful picture, a favorite song, while making sure to enjoy every feeling, no matter how small. 1]

Avoid negativity

It is preferable for the individual to follow the positive approach in his life and to avoid negativity, including staying away from negative people in his life, because negative emotions are contagious and quickly affect others. [2]


It is preferable for the individual to follow the laughter approach in his life, if the matter calls for laughter; To help him be a cheerful and life-loving person, and he can do activities that help him increase the amount of daily laughter, such as: watching a funny show, a comedy movie, in order to increase the flow of endorphins in the body. [2]

Avoid complaining

It is preferable to leave the individual to complaining about all the unhappy matters that happen in his life, since the complaint will not change the current situation, but rather will increase negative feelings about the subject, and for this it is advised that it is necessary to face things positively in order to increase the happiness of the individual.

Satisfying curiosity

It is preferred that the individual follow the excitement in his life, by satisfying his curiosity by undertaking new activities that introduce him to additional information that contribute to enhancing his exit from the comfort zone to going into new experiences, as this method helps to increase the happiness and comfort of the individual. [4]


Many individuals make mistakes against themselves, and this is why the best way for an individual to feel fun, and happiness is to forgive himself, in addition to the necessity to forgive others, by reducing the self-burden on the self. [4]


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