Tips for loved ones How to be a perfect wife

 Stop whining

Complaining is one of the matters that worries the husband and causes him inconvenience, and over time causes problems between the spouses, so the wife must be sensitive and take things simply and stop complaining, and be keen to respect her husband and encourage him to achieve his dreams and aspirations. [1]

Surprise husband

Men like surprises as well as women, but they prefer a different kind of surprises, so it is possible to surprise the husband from time to time, which is by bringing him a bouquet of flowers, or allowing him to go with his friends on the weekend and enjoy his time freely, as he likes to be skilled. In cooking, and is trustworthy that her husband bestows on her. [1]

Take care of yourself

The husband loves for his wife to be interested in herself in terms of appearance, and for their relationship to be constantly renewed, as if they are dating again, and the man likes for his wife to be cheerful, to be accompanied by a smile all the time, and to show gratitude and gratitude to him as that plays a big role In consolidating the individual's ability to achieve balance within the home and thus improve married life. [2]

General ways to care for the husband

Attention to the husband, and not to put homework duties first. [3]

Stop thinking that the husband is a thought-reader, and make sure to tell him what the wife wants, especially when she needs help with household chores or otherwise, and avoid reminding the husband to do things repeatedly, or dictating to him to do a long list of tasks. [3]

Enjoying calm and wisdom in using words in various situations, and avoiding the wife speaking on behalf of her husband or completing his words because that will reduce his respect, and she must also avoid thinking that she is always right. Because the husband does things differently from her does not mean that he is at fault. [3]

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