Tips for loved ones How to be stylish

 Walking in style

A person must learn to walk comfortably while maintaining a straight back regardless of where he is, and to practice walking in the correct posture, some people prefer to put a pile of books over the head, and try to walk during that, and it is also possible to stand in front of a mirror straight and feel the confidence of commitment By walking correctly. [1]

Learn from others

One of the good ways to learn elegance is to watch others and learn from them, and it is indicated that each individual has a person he loves and sees him as an example for various reasons, and it is possible to take advantage of this point by learning some things from him, such as the way he looks, or the way he walks, or Confidence in himself, or otherwise. [1]

Speak politely

There are several tips for speaking elegantly, including: [2]

Smiling while speaking, maintaining eye contact.

Speak clearly, and use words that the listener understands.

Avoid talking about personal problems and frequent complaints. These things can only be shared with close friends.

Avoid vanity and constant self-pride.

Avoid giving too much personal information. There are some things that you do not need to know.

Elegant appearance

Looking good is part of elegance, and it is noted that it does not require wearing expensive clothes; To achieve this, it is sufficient to adopt clean and appropriate pieces that enhance the feeling of restraint, and attention must be paid to the hairstyle, and to visit the hairdresser regularly, in addition to the use of perfumes with a good smell, noting that it is not exaggerated in its application, but what is enough to leave a good impression. [3]

Other ways to be stylish

There are other ways to behave elegantly, such as: [2]

Stay away from the scandalous matters that cause embarrassment for the owner at a later time.

Take lessons to improve yourself or to learn new things.

Interest in the arts by attending concerts and visiting museums.

Taking several things into consideration when traveling, such as: getting to know the customs of the new country and the minimum level of language necessary for wandering around, and showing respect for others.

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