Tips for loved ones how to be attractive to my husband

We started our discussion about appearance because it is the key to the human heart, and I specifically mention the appearance of the word from the form of the word. Because we mean the general view of man and not the creation of brown Adam; And because we cannot change it, we mean elegance, good clothes that fit him, and his personal hygiene.

Wrinkles and wrinkles

The human race is unable to resist nature to the end. Wrinkles and wrinkles are imposed on us according to age and the passage of days, but the appearance of these wrinkles can be delayed for a few years if you know how to avoid the causes that create wrinkles, and massage gives decisive results in that. Considering that it is a massage of principles and rules.

In order to give a beneficial massage to your face, follow these steps:


1) Massage the face while it is dry, starting from the chin with two fingers at the beginning, then using the entire palm of the hand with pressure and changing the direction of movement on the skin, heading in the massage as the blood moves on it. The way to the heart.

2) Use cold cream for massage if skin is dry or use natural oils; Like olive oil or sweet almond oil.

3) Use the massage from the chin to the cheeks, and up under the eyebrows, with tightening the skin towards the temples.


4) Massaging the eyelids laterally. You can massage this area with a special cream that contains some vitamins to tighten and tighten the skin.

5) Make the skin of your forehead a circular massage, and you can massage the rest of the face in the same way until the level of the height of the ears, then the temple.

6) Finish the massage by gently patting the skin, and an electric massager can be used to make those light frequent vibrations that increase the vitality of the dry cells.

General rules for maintaining the freshness of the skin

There are general rules for maintaining the freshness of the skin, whether it is natural, dry or oily, and these rules are summarized as follows:

1) Enjoy a normal life as much as possible.

2) Avoid drinking alcohol and overuse of stimulants; Like coffee, quit smoking or limit it to the maximum.

3) Avoid constipation and eat foods that are easy to digest.

4) Eat more vegetables and fruits.

5) Stay away from what triggers your nervous system, and what stresses your body.

6) Take part in your skin care by cleaning, massaging and nourishing with the right lotions.

7) Not to be exposed to sudden fluctuations in the atmosphere. Do not go out from hot to cold suddenly, nor from very cold to very hot. To maintain your attractiveness, especially here women. Because she cares more about this than a man, just follow these steps:


1- Try to be attractive to yourself and not to be attractive to men only, by being beautiful in your own style, not by imitating an actress, and by not wearing explicit clothes to be attractive in order to preserve people's respect for her. You are.

2- You don't need big bucks or a mannequin body to be attractive; There are many chubby mothers and women who are incredibly charismatic.

3- You must have your own personality, and if this character is bad, then develop it in proportion to your personality, and it is developed by browsing fashion magazines and fashion programs, and the selection is suitable for you and your community, and appearing with a distinctive, not anomalous perspective.

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