Tips for loved ones how to be attractive to my husband

 We started our discussion about appearance because it is the key to the human heart, and I specifically mention the word appearance from the word form. Because we mean the general view of the person, not the creation of the brown Adam; Because we cannot change it, we mean elegance and good clothes that are appropriate for him, and his personal hygiene.

Wrinkles and creases

Mankind is not able to resist nature to the end. The wrinkles and wrinkles are imposed on us by age and the passage of days, but the appearance of these wrinkles can be delayed by a few years if you know how to avoid the causes that create the wrinkles, and the massage gives decisive results in this regard as it is a massage with principles and rules.

In order to give a beneficial massage to your face, follow these steps:


1) Massage the face while it is dry, starting with the chin, using two fingers at the beginning, then using the entire palm, with applying pressure and changing the direction of movement on the skin heading in the massage as the blood moves on its way to the heart.

2) Use a cold cream in the massage if the skin is dry or use natural oils; Like olive oil or sweet almond oil.

3) Move from the chin to the cheeks, and ascend under the eyebrows with tightening the skin towards

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