Tips for loved ones how to become the happiest people

 Doing fun things

The person who does the work he loves can be one of the happiest people, but when he is in a profession that he does not like, or that is not rewarding, he can search for a hobby that makes him happy, such as reading books, playing volleyball, or participating in dancing lessons, then he can arrange and organize his time so that it is cleared. There is room to perform these activities. [1]

Estimate relationships

A person can enhance his sense of happiness by appreciating his relationships with the people around him, and that is by caring for them, doing what he can to help them, and being there for them. By doing so, he would not only bring happiness to these people but also to himself, and he can devote part of his time and energy to telling his friends, family, and loved ones how much he cares about them. [1]

Sleep enough hours

Many recent research and studies have focused on the importance of getting enough sleep. It affects the mental and physical health of the person, in addition to its importance in enhancing memory, dealing with fear, and allowing the brain to rest so that the person can deal with the various events that he faces on the next day, and since people who suffer from insomnia are twice as likely to become depressed. Regarding other people, it stands to reason that a good night's sleep is important when searching for happiness and health. Where a study conducted by Northwestern Feinberg University of Medicine in Chicago showed that people who have a specific purpose in life are able to sleep better. Therefore, a person must also define his main goals in life, and the ways in which he can achieve them. [2]


It is advisable to enhance the feeling of optimism by changing the perception of different matters, and trying to see the positive side of it, but this does not mean that the person becomes overly optimistic. Bad things happen in life, but they should not be allowed to control all of a person's expectations and hopes. Where a person must bear in mind that good things far outweigh bad ones. He can identify negative thoughts, then evaluate the situation in general, determine how bad it is, and if there is another way to see things. [3]

Expression of gratitude

Expressing gratitude can increase a person's feeling of happiness. Since many people do not know the amount of blessings that they possess, and to know this, they must look to the people with whom tragic events or serious illness occurred so that they can see the positive aspects in their lives and feel grateful, and the perception of things must be changed, for example instead of saying, "I forgot my sister Eid My birth “It must be said,“ My sister was there for me during the most difficult times of my life. ”[3]


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