Tips for loved ones how to keep my beloved

 Take care of the interview

Dating is one of the most important things that must be adhered to in order to preserve the beloved, and it applies to young lovers and spouses as well, so that it is possible, for example, to go out together for a romantic dinner, to the cinema, or even to practice some common hobbies, while leaving the house to visit family or friends for husbands changes the Routine and stimulate feelings of love and longing for both partners, and dating should not be limited to a few hours, but can last for a whole day or for the end of the week, or longer. [1]

Adapt to your beloved

Habits and beliefs differ from one person to another, so it is natural that the thoughts of the person themselves are not those of his lover, but to preserve the lover and to make the emotional relationship grow and last for a long time, the person must adapt to the existing difference and prepare it for what is in the interest of the two partners, and certainly if the love is great, the lover will accept differently What is in it will be easy and easy. [2]

Thanks and praise

The words of thanks and praise emanating from the heart, despite their simplicity, mean a lot to the person, as they are evidence of respect and appreciation for what the opposite party is doing, and thus they push him to offer more without tirelessness or remorse, and accordingly, the two lovers must preserve these words between them for the permanence of the relationship. And friendliness, when thanking the beloved for something, he feels valued and cared for and thus is keen to continue that relationship. [2]

Sweetheart's surprise

At the beginning of the relationship, surprises and gifts abound, and both lovers are busy searching for ways to make the other see the smile of his lover, but after a few years of the relationship those surprises stop and the exciting relationship between the two parties disappears with it, so preserving the element of surprise, no matter how simple, as tickets to a concert or holiday A surprise or a bouquet of roses that revives the relationship and maintains the love of the partner. [3]


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