Tips for loved ones how to know my husband's personality

 Marital happiness

The need for a happy married life and building a cohesive family in an atmosphere of love, affection and respect calls for working to maintain the comfort of the other party, whether it is the husband or the wife, and with the presence of many responsibilities and life problems that can cause anxiety, tension and some problems between spouses, it becomes personal knowledge A husband or wife and dealing on this basis for the purpose of the supremacy of satisfaction and friendliness is a duty and an obligation on both parties, and also among the reasons for God Almighty’s satisfaction with man.

The duties of the wife

The wife has great responsibilities in preserving the home and helping the husband in all matters of life, in addition to the necessity to work to achieve herself in society in terms of practicing her work and her hobbies and feeling her independence and importance at home and outside, and this can only be achieved by hard work, provided that there is an understanding The other side has a sincere desire to always improve family and social situations.

Ways to understand the husband's personality

One of the problems that impedes this is that some wives feel that they do not understand their husbands properly, and that the husband has many secrets outside the home and does not like to share them, which makes the wife confused and constantly anxious that may result from them after a period of some problems that occur for simple reasons, and in order to understand your husband Well, you have to do a few things and make them one of your habits in order for things to improve and become permanently stable.

Positive dialogue

The first of these habits is to change your style of dialogue, and to reduce complaints that can be bypassed to the maximum extent, as husbands feel alienated while hearing complaints constantly, and to compensate for this by talking about nice and appropriate things to their interests or proposing solutions to problems before presenting the conversation in a manner. Positive, and this has a great psychological impact on the man, as it makes him feel reassured and confident in your ability to solve problems and makes him increase talking to you about his thoughts and the problems that he faces more and more.

Good listening

To improve listening to your husband, sometimes the man only wants someone to listen to him without talking too much about the details and questions that distract the mind, and you can offer ideas to solve problems, if any, or be content with sympathy and encouragement, as well as when the husband raises a new idea, do not reject it directly, but rather Discuss it positively and try to make him feel that you are always encouraging him on all of his projects

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