Tips for loved ones how to love my husband

 Counting marriage is the psychological, emotional and physical stability of a person, whether male or female; A woman is a man’s residence, and every woman loves to be the most beloved thing in her husband’s heart.

The Almighty said: (And among His revelations is that He made for you husbands to live in them, and He placed affection and mercy among you).


In order for a woman to love her husband, and for life to stabilize between them on the basis that God Almighty wanted him to do, she must deal with him as God Almighty commanded, fear God in her dealings with him, look at the positives of this husband and contribute to showing them, and a lot of praise for him. Several ways to make you love your husband.

How do I love my husband?

Know its advantages and disadvantages, and maximize the advantages in your heart, and do not pay any attention to the faults.

Know in your mind that you have a positive and a negative person.

If you want love, then first make your intention sincere to God to please yourself and your husband (because what was God will remain)

Love your husband with a sweet word, a warm touch, and a gentle smile.

A believer seeks to please her husband, so tell me with the righteous tongue, I do not taste ambiguity until she is satisfied.

Apologize if something seems wrong for your husband and he does not satisfy him, as an apology is beneficial to him and not harmful to you.

Close the husband and share his worries, take his opinion, dismiss the obsession and jealousy, praise and praise him.

Do not neglect your husband's rights and take care of him and what he loves in terms of eating, drinking and programs, even if you do not like some of the things that he loves.

Wear what he likes to see on you.

Put the love of your husband in your heart alone, after the love of God, and know that your heart belongs to your husband and not yours.

Know his rights and his position, do not be offended by his love and affection. Make him a perfect man in your eyes, for that is what proves him in your heart.

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