Tips for loved ones how to love your wife

 Respect and take care of the wife's opinion

A husband can show his love for his wife by respecting her opinion, appreciating her ideas, trying to participate with her in making decisions, asking her about what she thinks, and taking her opinion on financial matters related to the family and places that she wants to spend the vacation in, and he must admit his mistakes when they fall into it. One of the most important evidence for a wife's love. [1]

Roles exchange with the wife

This is through exchanging roles with her, breaking the traditional stereotypes that give the husband the reins of affairs, considering the relationship between them as a relationship between two equal partners, and working as one team to perform household tasks and take care of children. [2] Therefore, as a matter of change, it is advisable to ask the wife to drive a car, Or for the husband to prepare food instead of her, so that each of them can appreciate the role of the other partner. [3]

Spending time with the wife

The wife always wants her husband to allocate time for them together without duties or tasks, such as going on vacation together, or going out to dinner alone, [4] and the husband during this time must show his emotions, listen to his wife and her feelings in a correct way, and note whether She was suffering from exhaustion, or sadness, and attention to her voice and her body language, as this emotional harmony would bring them happiness, and show how much they love each other. [3]

Support and support the wife's dreams

The husband must continuously provide his wife with moral and material support, encourage her to fulfill her dreams and desires, and support her in all her decisions, and when problems arise, the husband must listen to his wife's concerns, before making any judgments or trying to solve problems in his own way without sharing that with her, as males usually They tend to solve problems in practical ways, unlike women who seek to solve problems in emotional ways. [2]


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