Tips for loved ones how to make my wife love me

 Make beautiful memories

The husband can reserve certain activities to do with his wife, and enjoy their time together. This would form a strong bond between the spouses. Although most women like jewelry, they like to take pictures and create memories as well. [1]

Listen and ask questions

When talking to the wife, the course of the conversation should not be transferred to focus on the husband, it is better to understand the wife's point of view by listening to her, and asking her about the topic of the conversation, as it is possible to know the causes of any problem when listening to the other party, and in the case of lack of understanding, it is possible to ask about a point A specific order to continue the conversation. [1]

Get away from the phone

The phone can have negative effects on the relationship, such as being placed in the hand, continuing to look at it during a conversation, or checking notifications during a period of calm in the conversation. [2]

Offering assistance

When a wife is going through a difficult time doing something, it is nice to offer to help her, as this is considered one of the easiest ways to strengthen the relationship and make her love her husband. [3]


Staying next to the wife, and making her feel better about herself, would strengthen the relationship between them, that is, it is necessary to compliment the wife most of the time. If she wears a beautiful dress, for example, it is nice to tell her that. [3]

Expression of gratitude

The wife feels good about the things she does by thanking her, as this suggests that the husband notices these things that she does even if they are small, such as buying from the grocery store. [3]

Keep promises

Defining different levels of expectations in a marriage will make this relationship stronger, as the husband can make promises that he can keep, and say the things he wants to fulfill in a loud voice, as this will motivate him to work harder to achieve them. [3]

Advice to endear the wife to her husband

Small things can be done that will make the wife love her husband, for example: [4]

Asking about her day, and not interrupting her when she starts talking about it.

Encourage her to go out with her friends.

Buy a gift you like.

Asking her for her opinion on certain matters.

Leave a romantic phrase on her pillow.

Encouraging her dreams, so that she does not give up on her because she is a wife or a mother.

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