Tips for loved ones how to make my husband understand me

 Clarity and frankness

The wife must be clear and frank when starting the dialogue with the husband, so that she always clarifies her point of view instead of letting him be scattered, and if her words with him are not brief and specific about something, then he quickly loses his attention, so she must focus on clarifying the goal behind the conversation. With him, telling him what she wants firmly and realistically, and giving him time to respond to her, as this increases the husband's respect for her. [1]

Not hiding her true feelings

Most wives hide their true feelings from their husband, as they always expect him to understand them and know everything inside them, and they may feel pain if he does not understand them, so they punish him for not realizing the answer in the first place and without asking the question to her, and this would lead to miscommunication between them. For example, she should not tell him that she is fine if she does not really mean that, but rather she must give him the honest answer stemming from her heart to any question that he directs to her, as his interest and his question about her indicates that he is a wonderful man who deserves her love and respect. (2) ]

Tips to make a husband understand his wife

There are some steps that a wife can take to help her husband understand them, including the following: [3]

Acknowledging the good intentions of her partner, this contributes to making communication easy between the two partners, as the wife must always make sure that her husband listens to her, and she can express to him what she wants gently, for example (I know you love me, but I must tell you that he ....)

Avoid accusing the husband, such as saying you always do this, because it may cause wounds between them, and she must talk to him about her feelings.

Trying to understand the man by asking for more information; Because she may not always understand her husband's motives, so she can ask him what she wants to know, for example, she can tell him that she wants to spend the whole day with him, and then ask him about his feelings about the matter.

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