Tips for loved ones how to make my husband honest with me

 Demonstrate understanding

The wife must apply proverbs that talk about the guilty’s endeavor to find someone who understands the reason for his mistake, and speaks with her husband in a low voice and with a tone in which she shows that she understands and believes her husband’s position, to give him the courage and security to be open, confrontational, and not lie.

Not to press charges

The wife can confront her husband and ask him about the truth in a way that is far from making accusations and putting him in the hand, for example: the wife can ask her husband about the reason for not going with her to the party by saying: Is there any reason for your unwillingness to go to the party with me? In this way, the wife shows that she wants to know the reason instead of pointing the finger of accusation at him, taking into account waiting and silence and giving way to an answer. [2]

Notify the husband of his safety

A wife can ask her husband about the truth in a way that shows her indifference and indifference in order to give him the safety to continue talking, for example: asking him how she did this matter? She begins by flipping television channels or tampering with the computer, in order to make him feel that she is speaking to him in a routine rather than an interrogative conversation. [2]

Accept honesty

The wife must show her complete willingness to accept frankness, hear the truth, and truthfulness and see it from the husband’s point of view, and seek the truth and seek to know it calmly and maturely instead of showing violent and impulsive reactions, in order not to force the man to lie in the coming times. [3]

Don't make him regret the candor

The wife must reassure her husband that she will not do anything and will not punish him if he tells her the truth, calm herself before giving any reaction, and thank her husband for honesty and show her respect and appreciation in order to push him to always tell the truth and not have to resort to lying. [2]

Ask him by text message

A study by the University of Michigan showed that people by nature tend to answer more candidly in nonverbal texts than verbal conversations; This is because they will not hear the emotional response of the other party. [4]


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