Tips for loved ones how to make my husband relate to me

 Show respect

Mutual respect between husbands is considered one of the best ways to create a happy, long-term life, as respect promotes love, warmth and acceptance between the two partners, and the wife's lack of respect for her husband expresses her lack of acceptance of her partner, so the husband's different opinions must be respected, especially in intense discussions. [1]

Show appreciation for the pair's direction

The wife expressing her appreciation for the husband daily is considered one of the strong habits that build a happy relationship, whereby the wife expresses her love and interest by using her husband's favorite love language, such as presenting short love letters before going to work, or some flowers, or doing some other marital habits that It strengthens the husband's appreciation and attachment to his wife. [1]

Leave space for longing

The wife can increase her husband's longing and attachment to her by giving him a little time alone, such as going on a trip with family or friends outside the city, which leads to the creation of positive feelings between the spouses, in addition to a kind of longing, nostalgia, and love. [2]

Preparing delicious foods

The husband prefers to eat foods prepared by the wife at home, especially the husband's favorite delicious foods, such as preparing some sweets, or preparing a romantic dinner. [2]

Giving gifts

It is nice for the husband to receive special gifts from his wife without a specific occasion, so that these gifts are surprising and unexpected. It is possible for her to present a special shirt to work, to hear him his favorite music, or to watch a movie. [3]

Increase links

Preferably emotionally and mentally spouses contact; To increase the bonds, understanding, and attachment between them, so that the wife can provide time to spend with the husband, and talk to him, which leads to each knowing the secrets of the other’s personality, and it is also recommended to do this regularly in order to increase the chances of attraction between the spouses. [4]


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