Tips for loved ones how to make my husband love me madly

 Show respect

Mutual respect between spouses is the basic key to a happy married life based on mutual love. Showing feelings of respect indicates something as it indicates the acceptance of the spouses to each other and their warm and passionate feelings towards each other, and respect must be applied in all life situations, including situations that are It arises because of different points of view or different ideas. [1]

Spend the early morning hours together

Often husbands get upset from each other as a result of the various pressures of life, and to get rid of these pressures and kill the boring routine, the wife can start a new routine that brings her husband closer to her, as if she is keen to drink coffee with him in the morning and before leaving for work, or that they eat breakfast together and discuss details. Their life and relationship. [1]

Flirt and get noticed

The heart tends to all that is beautiful and sweet, as men are waiting for courtship and indulgence from their wives, and the wife can achieve this by sending love messages to her husband on his cell phone, or leaving notes expressing her love for him in his pocket, or even whispering words in his ear. (2) ]

Pay attention to the exterior

Attention to the external appearance is considered one of the most important things that attract a man to his wife and increase his love for her. The wife must make sure to appear in a suitable and decent appearance in front of her husband, whatever the occasion or circumstance she faces, [3] in addition to wearing sexy clothes in front of him, and it is not necessarily tight. Or body revealing. [4]

Maintaining a permanent smile

The friendly, honest and social character of a girl is the favorite character for men, and this can be shown by drawing a permanent smile on the face, and trying to create an atmosphere full of fun and laughter without exaggerating it. [4]

Physical contact

Physical contact is an important matter to show feelings of love and move the husband's feelings, which is represented by holding the hand in a tender manner, or an intimate hug, as studies indicate that embracing each other for a period of at least 20 seconds helps to secrete the hormone oxytocin, which increases the human feeling of happiness. It strengthens feelings of love and bonding. [3]


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