Tips for loved ones how to make a surprise to my husband


The complexity and proliferation of details used to make the surprise would lead to a greater error rate than if it were simple details; So preparing a surprise does not have to be a competitive event between the two partners. Rather, joint planning between the spouses is recommended when planning a trip or preparing expensive gifts. [1]

Choose a normal day

It is a good idea to choose a regular day to do this surprise; This is because choosing days with well-known memories such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or Valentine's Day are expected and will reduce the feeling of surprise. [1]

Love Box

This idea is beautiful and inexpensive, in addition to that it can be made at home so that it is full of love and feelings, so the wife can collect many things that are likable, such as placing specific pictures, or including messages and quotes, or anything that can cross her mind in a box And as a gift to her husband. [2]

A year of love

This surprise is based on the idea of ​​choosing twelve different dates, writing each date on a small piece of paper, and at the beginning of every month the husband chooses one of these papers, and here the spouses come out on this date on a date; Where they spend some time together, and every month it is recommended to do something new and special. [2]

Leave a message or a note

The idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe letter may leave a beautiful impression on the husband All that the wife has to do is write a letter and send it to her husband in an unusual and unexpected way, such as sending it via email to the hotel in which they will stay, or she may send it to home mail, or she can send it via Facebook Messenger, or other methods available to her, as well as Leaving a note of love for the husband in his trouser wallet or in his work bag or on his desk would leave the same effect. [3]


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