Tips for loved ones how to reconcile your wife

 Acknowledge a mistake

It is normal for quarrels and disputes to take place between the spouses, but what is important is how to fix the dispute and deal with the quarrel in a mature manner, and take responsibility for the actions that have been committed and admit the mistake, the husband must realize that his admission of the mistake he committed will reduce the intensity of the quarrel and will be one of the reasons that will achieve reconciliation between him And between his wife, there is no doubt that making concessions is important in the marital relationship. [1]

Take your wife's advice seriously

If the wife gives any notes or advice to her husband after the quarrels that take place between them, he must remember these notes and act accordingly to make positive changes in the next times, and the husband must realize that he is not perfect and that there are things that need improvement to make his wife love him more, and this does not mean That the man should give up his personality to satisfy the wife, but they are simple concessions that the spouses make to each other in order to have a calm and happy life. [1]

Change behavior for the better

The husband must strive to change his behavior for the better and avoid the reasons that led to the occurrence of disputes, and it is also possible to resort to a psychologist who specializes in working with husbands to help them restore things to what they were, and there are several methods that the husband can follow to reconcile with his wife, including: (2) ]

Cutting off any relationships that may lead to a quarrel with the wife, proving his love for her, and not hiding anything from her.

The husband must apologize for his actions that led to the quarrel, and assume responsibility for the harm that was caused by the wrong behavior.

Reconstructing trust with the wife, and that is through honesty and acting properly, and the husband must be keen to make promises that he can actually make, and to make his life clear to the wife.

Make the wife fall in love with him again

The husband needs to revive the love between him and his wife, and he can make her fall in love with him over and over again by doing several things, including: [3]

Flirting with her, like telling her she always looks beautiful.

Joke with her whenever the time is right.

Surprise her by doing the things she always does, like washing dishes for her.

Looking into her eyes.

Asking her about her day, and not interrupting her while talking about it.

Listening to her problems, and it is not necessary to always provide advice and solutions, so it suffices to know that her partner cares about her and that she can tell him everything that is happening with her and how she feels.

Make room for her to spend time with her friends and entertain herself.

Buy her a gift without an occasion.

She consulted her and took her opinion on various matters.

Leave a romantic message on the pillow for her in the morning.

Encouraging her to achieve what she dreams about, and not making her give up her dreams because of her obligations as a wife and mother.

Read a romantic text of her before bed.

Buying roses or chocolates for her is inappropriate.

Calling her during work hours, so that she knows her husband is thinking of her all day, letting her know that he just called to hear her voice.

Going on the weekend with her somewhere, such as spending time in a nice hotel, for example.

Buy the things that you ask of him or do the tasks that you would like her husband to do without asking him to do so.

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