Tips for loved ones how to solve marital problems

 Identify sticking points

The solution to marital problems depends mainly on determining what these problems are, and making a list of the main causes that lead to the emergence of these problems helps to solve them radically, and to achieve the best result, all points of disagreement should be identified, including those that the spouses may refrain from talking about to avoid going into In the debate, and then jointly to find solutions suitable for both parties on all these issues. [1]

Focus on self-repair

This step constitutes an important axis in the process of solving marital problems, as it requires that each party search for ways that would reform the self, without blaming the other party, or each resorting to the position of self-defense and fueling conflict, but rather it is instead It works to improve and promote ways of searching for ways to treat problems in a different way, starting with the self. [1]

Evaluate priorities

The success of marriage depends on providing care for its basic elements consisting of the husband, the wife, and the marital relationship, and to achieve this and avoid the problems that may affect it, it is necessary to give priority to the marital relationship and search for what is best for its benefit, when there is a specific problem between the spouses, and each party takes refuge From them to argue and make excuses for the self, it is necessary to pause a little and think about what constitutes a preference for marriage, and not what is best for each of the parties. [2]

Other strategies for solving marital problems

It is possible to mention some other strategies that help solve marital disputes or problems, including: [3]

Trying to mention the positive advantages of the partner during the discussion about a specific problem, and not focusing only on the defects and negatives; So that the other party feels interested.

Focusing on solving the current problem, away from recalling past problems, and if there is more than one problem, it will be solved in succession.

Be patient until a final definitive solution to the problem is found, and it is possible to try more than one solution until the appropriate ones are found.

Strive as much as possible to understand the partner's point of view and communicate this idea to him, as this would generate acceptance by both parties, and contribute to reaching a better joint agreement.


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