Tips for loved ones how to treat your fiancé

 Communicate with him

The girl should communicate with her fiancé by greeting him, and greeting him every time the opportunity allows her to do so. When the girl says to her fiancé, Good morning or Good night, she will enhance the feelings of affection and love between them. [1]


The girl must be honest with her fiancé, and she should be honest with him from the beginning, and not be honest with him in a late period, and this is by telling the girl about the feelings of fear, jealousy, insecurity, and indifference, and this means that the girl opens Her heart to her fiancé. [1]


Respect is very necessary, as the lack of respect leads to the deterioration of the relationship between the girl and her fiancé. Respect is important for the sake of continuing love, achieving understanding, meeting needs, and achieving their common goals. [2]

Regular visits

Regular visits between the two fiancés strengthen the relationship between them. After love and a long wait, visits become the only way to bring the two fiancés closer to each other, as it works to understand each other. [1]

Doing joint work

It is preferred that the two engaged people do some work; Because participation strengthens their relationship, and examples of actions that they can participate in include: playing a game on the Internet, watching a documentary film, or taking a walk and walking outside, and other acts that lead to spontaneity and increase feelings between them. [1]

Attention and trust

The girl must initiate attention to her fiancé, and that is by showing appreciation and respect for him, and there must be trust between them and work to increase it, and confidence can be increased by following the following things: [3]

Stick to a date.

Commitment to honesty.

Keeping the promise.

Justice is in everything.

Working on sharing the same feelings with the preacher.

Do not overreact.

Lack of jealousy.

Listen and listen to him.


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