Tips for loved ones how to treat your sweetheart


The man should be a polite person with the girl he loves, and deal with her politely, such as opening the car door for her, as this indicates the sophistication of the person and shows the extent of his love for her, and he should not hesitate to thank her, or to regret her, in addition To not use any obscene or offensive words even when joking, a smile may appear, but she is not satisfied from inside, and he must always make sure to adhere to the time of appointments with her, and always remember to call her in case he wants to change or cancel a certain appointment, so as not She's been waiting for him so long. [1]

Listen to her

A person should pay attention to the conversation of the girl he loves, by participating in the conversation and listening to her, as this helps to strengthen the conversation, and promotes the exchange of advice between them, and he must be a good listener, give his opinion at times, and show Pay attention to what she says, so she is not distracted while talking, such as playing with the phone, or playing with anything else. [1]


The best way for a person to deal with the girl he loves is to be honest with her. Honesty is a necessary factor in any relationship, so he must be clear and honest with her, and he should avoid lying in all cases. [1]


Trust is an essential part of any relationship, as it is by avoiding white lies, being fair with it even in arguments, and not overreacting when things go wrong, and he must respect its boundaries and privacy while not exaggerating jealousy. [2]

Protect it

The man protects the girl he loves physically and emotionally, because a woman can be weak in some situations, so he must protect her in several ways, including providing financial security and comfort, to make her feel that it is everything for him, and to always show her that he will defend her if she is exposed. For any physical assault. [3]


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