Tips for loved ones how to understand my husband


Understanding is the ability of a person or a group of people to appreciate the reasons and motives that invite another person or group of people to perform a certain behavior at a certain time, and as a result of that correct understanding the reaction to this behavior is in the right place, and in general the reactions resulting from the understanding are characterized By carefully taking judgments and using polite words and expressions with the other party, it has been mentioned in many books that a positive, optimistic personality tends to think positively of others, especially when exposed to incomprehensible or embarrassing situations.

How do I understand my husband

Marital life requires from spouses a great deal of understanding, and many women try to gain the trust of their husbands and understand what is going on in their minds, and to know the most important keys of understanding between spouses, here are the following:


Dialogue is one of the necessary keys to understanding between spouses, and it is one of the pillars of marital life because disrupting the language of dialogue between spouses creates many problems, leads to boredom and increases the severity of problems between spouses, so the wife must find the appropriate opportunity to dialogue with her husband, and it is necessary to adhere to etiquette and principles. Dialogue so that the discussion is purposeful and informed, and to preserve the desired goal, and not to distract the family and its existence, and the wife must listen to the husband and wait for him to finish his speech.


A person by nature loves respect and those who respect it. Because it is a psychological need for a person, so the husband needs self-respect and not insulting him and demeaning his actions and actions among individuals, so respect between spouses is considered a secret of marital happiness, and a woman can make her husband feel that she respects him through his participation in his sorrows and joys, defending him in his absence and presence, and not criticizing him Especially badly in front of others.


Women must be realistic, knowledgeable, and cultured; Because families and homes are not without problems of misunderstanding, but these problems vary from one house to another, so the wife must foster within her the love of perseverance, patience and acceptance of the other, and the feelings and privacy of her husband must be respected because every person has a character and environment completely different from others.

Non-interference by a third party

Marital life will be based on understanding, love and dialogue as long as the understanding between the spouses is without the interference of a third party. Because the interference of others between the spouses disturbs marital life, increases the severity of problems, and makes solutions difficult to obtain, and despite the possibility of consulting people of reason and experience in some matters and life experiences, it is not good for the woman to allow others a

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