Tips for loved ones my problem with my wife

 Common marital problems

Regardless of the luxury and satisfaction of marital life, it will not be without problems and challenges that in turn constitute a burden on the spouses, which may lead to two paths; One of them is to strengthen and strengthen the bond between the spouses, and the other pushes them to eventually separate, and that depends on how the spouses deal with these problems, and here are some of the most important of these problems: [1]

Poor communication between spouses.

bad habits.

Daily stress and stress.

Busy and busy schedule.

Money related problems.

Problems with children.

Solve the problem of poor communication

Other marital problems fall under the problem of poor communication between spouses. Whereas poor communication between them is the main cause of these problems, as confirmed by writer Ellen Vantel Schimberg, author of the book (Blending Families), where she said that communication between spouses does not take place when the spouses are busy with the phone, watching TV, or other matters. This problem can make spouses set up a date to meet each other, for example after placing children in their beds to sleep, and during that cell phones must be placed in a state of vibration, in addition to that they must not interrupt each other during the conversation, and they must fully listen to each other With avoiding physical movements that express lack of listening, such as looking at the clock, we must also stay away from some provocative expressions that deny ever doing something, or confirm it absolutely and always. [2]

Tips for a man to return the love of his wife

There are some things that a man can do in order to restore love between himself and his wife and address the problems between them, including the following: [3]

A man can write to his wife a list of things he likes about his wife, then put it in an envelope, and send it to her.

He can also take a vacation from work, take her to her favorite restaurant, or cook her favorite meal for dinner.

Throwing a party to express his love for her and invite her friends to her.

Bestow her with praise and compliments, by writing words of praise on small sheets of paper and placing them in every place that belongs to her, such as her wallet or her bag.


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