Tips for loved ones Ways to make my wife love me

 Allow her to express herself

Women love the man who listens to her and her conversations and interacts with the topics she speaks about. For example: When a woman comments in a positive way on something that attracted her attention, such as a piece of jewelry or a jacket, the husband must exchange it for the same positivity, and praise that piece of jewelry or jacket. [1]

Not to be reminded of the past

The man should look at the spirit of his wife and the idealism within her, and forget her past and all the mistakes she may have made in the past; As a woman by nature does not like a man who likes to constantly remind her of her painful past and her mistakes. [1]

Continue to love her

The husband should not change his wife after marriage; The woman does not want him to treat her the same way he treats her on her honeymoon, but she loves to see in her husband that man whom she fell in love with, and who used to love and respect her and considered him her support and protector in all stages of their marriage. [2]

Other ways to gain a wife's love

Other ways and methods of gaining a wife's love include: [3]

Compliments to the way she dresses when she wears jeans.

Wink when her eyes meet your eyes at parties.

Looking into her eyes.

Wash dishes off her when she goes to shower.

Asking her about her day and listening to her when she answers.

Encourage her to go out with her friends.

Ask for her opinion on matters.

He left a love letter on her pillow.

Kiss her before you go out to work.

Encouraging her to fulfill her dreams and not give up her desires in order to play the role of wife or mother.

Expressing their appreciation and respect publicly and explicitly.

Bringing flowers and chocolates to her is inappropriate.

Call her during office hours to remind her that you love her.

Wash her car.

Listen to her problems.

Read something enjoyable to her before bed.

Reserve a hotel room to spend the weekend in.


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