Tips for loved ones ways to solve marital problems

 Family formation

Living happily and with reassurance is one of the necessities of life for every person, so we find him always looking for comfort and stability, hoping that he may find a comfortable life full of happiness and joy away from disagreements and problems. His signs is that he created for you from yourselves from yourselves husbands, so that you can dwell in them, and He made among you affection and mercy. [1]

Choose a life partner

The correct choice of a husband for his life partner and the mother of his children has a role in protecting the family from disputes and problems in the future. If the criterion for selection is a wife who appreciates and understands him, and is keen on raising his children properly, he will not tire later because he is the best choice, but there must be some Minor disagreements, perhaps in views, opinions of family members, or perhaps others interfering in the lives of the spouses, or it could be the reason behind this; The lack of understanding of each spouse of the other, therefore, there must be ways to solve these problems, so that they do not form a wall that prevents happiness and joy, and among the most important of these methods is what we will mention. [2]

Ways to solve marital problems

Ways to solve marital problems: [3]

The most important thing that spouses should do when they disagree, or a simple problem occurs between them, is not to give the problem greater than its size, but rather to try to reduce its size, and not to take it out of the borders of the house in which they live.

Each of the spouses must understand the other, even if there is a dispute between them, they can understand each other, and each knows the intention and intent of the other, and beware of doubting and distrusting one of the spouses for the other.

If a disagreement or a simple problem occurred, this problem must be extinguished immediately by knowing the main cause of it, without each spouse opening to the other endless horizons of accusations and insults.

It is necessary to reproach, but in a friendly way away from screaming and clamor, and they must listen to each other, and then end the dispute in its place, without returning to it again.

Not to involve anyone in solving problems other than the spouses, and if it is necessary, then the search for a neutral party does not stand in the interest of either of them without the other.

In the event of any problem, it is better for the spouses to sit together and fully understand that the supreme purpose of Satan is to separate a person from his wife, so he shall strive to protect the fortress of marriage.

When a problem occurs between the spouses and the escalation of the situation, each of the spouses must try to hold himself together and not rush to issue hasty decisions that may escalate from the situation to what he does not know of its consequences.

One of the most important ways to preserve marital life and continued marital happiness is that each of the spouses does not forget the effects and virtues of his wife, for he is in any case the partner of life in this world, and the companion in the hereafter if both of them are reconciled.

In conclusion: We ask God for satisfaction and happiness for all husbands in the two worlds.


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