Tips for lovers marital problems and solutions

 Marital problems and solutions

There can be no marriage in the world without problems and disagreements between the spouses, no matter how close the temperament between them, but with patience, work, understanding, touching an excuse, providing confidence, and good thinking about the partner and others, most of the differences can be resolved and harmonization between the spouses is always achieved.

1- Problems with the husband's family, relatives and in-laws:

The treatment is as follows: The conscious wife:

First, she realizes that her parents have taken the credit for giving her the happiness of bonding with this person. Secondly, the wife must also respect them and treat them with love, respect and appreciation.

2- The problem of permanent interference by the wife's mother in the affairs of both spouses:

treatment :

The wife must also keep the secrets of her life.

All this does not mean that we should not benefit at all from the advice and experience of adults in life.

There are problems related to the husband's abandonment of his home, his stubbornness as well, and his departure from his wife, so he does not sit with her, talk to her, or be intimate with her. Why?


The remedy is: supplication and seeking the help of God Almighty

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