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 Advice to the wife

Dear wife, we both carry the inheritance of the environment in which they are raised .. so that each of us meets with her husband under one roof .. She shares .. dialogue .. disagrees .. and agrees .. We do not seek perfection, but we always try to "aspire for the best .. For you are from me these roses we water them." In a basket, put it in your home so that its nectar permeates every corner of your heart and your husband's heart

Dear wife:

Woo your husband in every action that you do, and in every action that you take with your husband.

_ Make your tongue always sweet, and repeat the words of love, tenderness, tenderness and tact during your conversation with your husband.


_ Always be patient with your husband and overlook his missteps, for the man in his depths is a small child who needs someone to pamper him and bear in all his situations.

_ Do not divulge your secrets, you and your husband, and do not make what is between you a morsel of food in the mouths of many.

_ Be always the tender chest, heart and broad, and always strive to relieve himself from any distress that afflicts him.

_ Always be satisfied with what you have and what your husband provides, and do not be a source of complaint and dissatisfaction.

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