Types of computers

 Computer definition

The definition of the computer starts from its pronunciation, so the word "Computer" is an English word taken from the English verb "Compute" which means to calculate, and upon translating it into Arabic the authors took words indicating it in the Arabic language, which was: the electronic computer, or the electronic mind, and finally it was the most famous name His is the computer or computer as it is pronounced in the English language, and the computer is defined in language as a device that is programmed to perform quick operations, or to store and retrieve information at any time. [1]

Computer is also defined as a programmed electronic device, used to process data through logical and computational operations in an automated manner, and humans do not intervene in that except by entering commands, and this is done when the computer receives data and information from the input units and then processes it, and finally saves them in various types. The memory used in the computer, and then showing it to the user in a way that is easy for him to understand through the output units. [2]

Computer components

The computer consists of two parts: the physical (in English Hardware), and the other is the software part. Where each part needs the other in order for the computer to function normally, and the physical part is divided into two parts: input devices, output devices, and computer components: [3]

Physical components

Keyboard and mouse: They are two input devices.

Microphone: It is one of the input devices.

Scanner (in English: Scanner): It is also an input device.

Mother Board: It is the part that all computer parts connect to in order to work together.

Central Processing Unit: is the mastermind of a computer. Because it is responsible for processing all the data in the computer, and it also sends the data to the various types of memory in the computer to store it before showing it in the required form through the output units such as: screen, printer, and audio speakers.

Random Access Memory: This memory is a volatile memory; That is, it loses all its contents as soon as the electrical current is cut off from the computer, and this memory is used to temporarily store data coming from the input units such as the keyboard.

Read Only Memory (in English: Read Only Memory): It is the memory that contains the initial operating settings necessary for the operation of the computer, and it comes with these settings from the manufacturer, and its contents cannot be modified.

Cache memory: It is a memory characterized by high speed and speed of retrieval of data from it, and it is used for temporary storage of data.

Hard Disk: It is the part responsible for permanently storing data, and it is also used to store the operating system files necessary to operate the computer.

Digital CD unit.

Screen: It is one of the output devices.

Audio Speakers: One of the output devices in a computer.

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