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 the computer

The computer (in English: Computer) is the main feature in the current era of technological progress. It is one of the most inventions that affected the form and nature of life, as the computer has become a major part in the various fields of medical, educational, health, security, military and commercial life.

definition of computer

A computer is defined as a machine that is programmed to perform certain functions within a specified time frame, and this machine performs its work by receiving the data entered to it, then processing it, then storing it and sending it to the output devices that show the results to the user, and the computer receives the data entered through the input devices, then processes these The data is provided by the central processing unit, and then the results are displayed via the output devices. [1]

Types of computers

Computers have different types; Given the diversity of its uses; It is used in many industrial, commercial, health, educational, medical, security, and personal fields, and from types of computers: [2] [3] [4]

Personal computer: is the computer of one person. That is, its use is done by one individual, and the specifications of this device are few and somewhat low.

Desktop computer: It is a type of computer used in offices, and it is somewhat similar to the personal computer, but its specifications are higher than it.

Laptop computer: It is a computer that is characterized by its small size and light weight compared to the rest of the types, and it can be carried anywhere, and this type is equipped with a rechargeable battery. That is, it works for a limited period of time without being connected to an electrical current.

Tablet computer (in English: Tables Computer): This type is a touch screen only, and all its components are inside it, and its specifications are specific, and its price is somewhat cheap.

Server: It is the main device in companies, factories, educational, medical and security institutions, and the specifications of the main server are high, and its price is somewhat exorbitant, and it cannot be dispensed with in companies that have a large number of employees.

Personal Data Assistant (English: Personal Digital Assistants): It is an inexpensive computer with a very small size, and is used to mainly save addresses and notes, and it works with a battery that lasts for long hours and is rechargeable.

Workstation computer: It is a computer with very high specifications. Due to its use in areas that require large data processing, great speed in performance and showing results, the price of this type is somewhat exorbitant, and it is usually used in playing video games.

Mainframe computer (in English: Mainframe): It is a device that supports a large number of users at the same time, and is characterized by its high specifications, and its large size.

Super computer (English: Super Computer): It is the largest type of computer in size and the highest price, and it consists of one or several devices that work together, and the specifications of this type are very high; Therefore, it is used in huge scientific experiments, such as: nuclear experiments.

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