Various types of Canon cameras


A regular camera is a device that specializes in capturing images through what is called a shutter, which opens and then closes when the image is taken, so the light-sensitive film is exposed to light rays, so the image appears on this film. [1]

Canon Corporation and the history of its cameras

Canon began as a small operator in a street in Tokyo, Japan, and was specialized in optics at the time, as was the case with its competitor Nikon. In the middle of the twentieth century, Canon entered the field of manufacturing calculators (English: calculators), copiers, in addition to the field of sound technology, and in the same period, the company released its first camera, a single-lens reflex camera (in English: SLR Camera) And it was called Canonflex. [2]

The competition between Canon and Nikon intensified in 1971; And that was when Canon released a camera under the name F-1, which had many advantages at the time. In the seventies of the twentieth century, Canon released the first camera that included a micro-processor (in English: Micro processor), and it was called ION (English: AE1), and its price was suitable for most people. This was followed by a new camera called (English: A1), which was considered one of the most advanced cameras at the time. [2]


In the eighties of the twentieth century, Canon released the T-series cameras, and these machines were very successful, and they were distinguished by being automatic, and some of the specifications of this series are still present in modern cameras. In 1995, Canon, in cooperation with Kodak (in English: Kodak), issued a digital single-lens reflex camera (in English: DSLR Camera), called (in English: EOS-DCS), and it was intended for photography enthusiasts. [2]

In the year 2000, Canon released a camera (in English: the EOS 30D), which had a resolution of 3.2 megapixel. This camera met with great success, and greatly improved Canon's economy, placing it at the forefront of the digital devices market. In 2001, Canon released a 1D camera, which is also a digital camera

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