Ways to please the husband

 Welcome him

When the husband returns to his home, he prefers to welcome him with love and concern, and he does not prefer his wife to be angry or complaining all the time; Therefore, the wife should be careful to welcome her husband when he comes back from work tired, and ask him about his day during work. Where the man loves the wife who shows love and concern for him, and the wife must also be careful to avoid using a loud voice, or screaming. The husband does not prefer to listen to his wife when she raises her voice. [1]

Expressing love

Expressing affection, and the extent of the partner's love for his partner, are among the things that help to make the husband or spouses happy together, and this may be in the form of compliments, help, support, or encouragement, [2] and the wife can express the extent of her love for her husband, Using multiple sentences that excel the phrase "I love you"; Such as saying to him: (I love you because ...), and by sending a romantic text message, expressing her love for him during the day. [3]


The wife must be clear and explicit about the matters she needs or wants from her husband; Men are not as self-evident as women. For example, when the wife says that she has heard that this restaurant has good food, the husband may understand that this sentence is just a comment, and not a suggestion to eat there, and when the wife is frank and clear with her husband, she will avoid a lot of confusion and arguments. [1]

other things

There are many things that a wife can do to make her husband happy, including:

Surprise the husband with a gift, and it is not necessary for it to be a big or valuable gift, as the smallest things can please the husband and show him that she remembers him. [4]

Engaging in activities or things preferred by the husband, such as: watching his favorite movie or programs, listening to his favorite music, or going out to eat his favorite dessert; These methods show that the wife remembers his favorite things and cares for him. [3]

Plan to spend the night and go out together, on a special day for them, to get comfortable with each other. [3]


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